Heat Pipe technology

The heat pipe technology recovers the waste heat from flue gases now vanishing into the atmosphere and converts it into useable energy. This recovered heat may then be utilized in several different applications depending on process requirements. Heat for buildings, the pre-heating of combustion air, preheating of water, and heat converted to steam to power a standard steam-driven electrical generator are a few examples. All of these processes reduce boiler and/or burner run time which save money.

Next, high temperature waste heat can be converted to steam to drive a standard steam-driven electrical generator. In many cases, this can even eliminate the customer's reliance on purchased electrical power; and any excess electricity created may then be sold into an energy-distribution system, or grid.

Waste-heat recovery significantly reduces both operating costs and the emission of greenhouse gases, all while generating profit. Metallurgical industry (steelworks, rolling mill plants, forging shops, foundries, etc.) can dramatically reduce their operating costs using this new heat-pipe technology.

ForSTEEL, Ltd. has opened out a range of wide activities within rolling & forging applied research on waste heat recovery in the metallurgical industry.


The first HP exchanger

November 2008
The first exchanger (Gas to Water) based on Heat Pipe technology in the Czech Republic put into operation.
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Article on HP Technology

August 2008
Contribution in technical magazine Hutnické listy No.4, Vol. LXI, 2008

Forsteel -- the representative for HP

June 2008
ForSTEEL, Ltd. becomes the commercial and consulting representative within Central Europe for the Heat Pipe technology

New Interior of our office

January 2008
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